Sunday, September 4, 2011

calvert , portland truther event spammed, deleted

if you google the title of the wackadoodle event "9/11 and the Rise of the Global Police State"
you'll find it was spammed at least across the western indymedia sites:

the portland ones are dead, but we'll get to that in a minute. first compare the text at portland indymedia(archived here), the announcement at the scholars ning site,
and a flyer posted at indybay:
and archive here in case it disappears too

the flier has info about another event that the ning site doesn't. not strange since this fetzer guy is not in portland. but why is he advertising the "dissident" lectures? maybe he's sticking around after his lecture.

other odd thing: in this flier no one is named a professor except the fetzer guy. but the text of all the indy articles and the ning name tim calvert, tim titrud, cathy bell, and richard frager as "professors". don't know about cathy or the frager guy, but we're pretty sure neither calvert or titrud are professors of any kind. lol.

is it supposed to be a joke? its a bad one, especially when they're asking people for $35 bucks.

another thing: the flier gives more info about what the "professors" plan to talk about:
calvert is going to talk about critical thinking, titrud, about hate crimes cases and matthew shepard, bell, oslo, frager, bali bombing and oklahoma city. you could roast a turkey with all that tinfoil!

most of us think the flier was made first because it has more info and doesn't label people "professors" who we know aren't. but that would imply the conspiracy fetzer guy actually posted the articles to indymedia since his website is the ONLY place that names calvert and titrud as professors. but why? its a stupid lie and could get the portland 911 truth organizers in trouble, not that they're strangers to trouble

Hello Tim,

I have some unfortunate news. Upon reading your fliers it has become apparent to me that I didn't fully understand the subject matter of these lectures when I scheduled them.

It was my understanding that Leuren Moret would be the only speaker and would be lecturing on her research findings. With the addition of Mr. Marbet and the subject of Tectonic Nuclear Warfare this falls outside of what we are comfortable hosting.

We share these walls with the church congregation that has been here for over a century. TaborSpace has a relationship of mutual respect and partnership that we desire to maintain and cultivate. That said, it has come to my attention that the subject matter of these lectures is very troubling to some congregation members. On these grounds, I must ask you find another venue for this event.

I am so sorry to cancel at such late notice. The Multnomah Friends Church might have space available. I'll let you know if I can think of any other venues to refer you to. If you have further questions feel free to contact me or the Pastor, Carley Friesen

but asking people for money claiming fraudulent credentials is a different ball game than offending church members. but they have a speaker who went to prison for bombing things and don't see a problem with that, so these people are probably in the running for a darwin award.

but at this point no one at portland indymedia will know. the article appears to be gone

its a mistake inexperienced activists make, confusing removal of evidence with removing the problem. of course sometimes racist posts should be removed, when they're singling out people for attacks and intimidation for instance or giving info to the enemy or are just are insulting. but general information like this is like christmas: they're so full of themselves they're going all the work for us letting everyone know where they'll be and what they'll be doing. fuck don't delete that shit...archive it then plan an action! otherwise how is the community going to know what these people are up to?

sigh...we were all noobs once...



just heard even though the article is gone, the calendar listings are still there:

that's a little strange. delete the article promoting the event but not the event? huh?


article has reappeared. no explanation has been given for its 4-5 day disappearance.